Blackburn 2'fer Light (single)

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The sweet spot of price and quality, the 2'fer set gives you a pair of lights that function as either a 60 lumen white or 20 lumen red, with both flashing and steady settings: perfect for being seen!. Available individually for $40/light.
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One really smart, compact USB rechargeable light that acts as either a front or a rear … it's a 2'Fer.


Recharge Type
Micro-USB rechargeable — Charges via any standard USB port (charging cable included)
Brightness 60 lumens front or 20 lumens rear
Battery Type Lithium Polymer
Country of Origin China
Recharge Time 3-hour recharge
Mounting Options Mount to handlebars, seatposts, clip to racks, clothing, backpacks
No tools required
Product Weight 18 grams
Run Time High mode: front 1.5 hours at 60 lumens, rear 1.5 hours at 20 lumens
Flash mode: front 5 hours at 60 lumens, rear 5 hours at 20 lumens
Water Resistance IP-65 submersible - Ingress protection rating or "IP Rating," is a techy way to describe the level of water- and dust-proofness of a product. This light meets the IP-65 Standard, which means it is totally protected against dust/grit and protected against low-pressure water jets from any direction.