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Thank you for choosing Fix to work on your bike.


À La Carte Service - NO Flat Rate Tune-Up Packages

Fix has adopted an à-la-carte approach to service pricing. This means we do not offer service packages of any kind, so you’ll only pay for the work you need, and nothing you don’t. For more info and FAQs please read below the booking calendar.





This is how it works:

  • You book an appointment for a day and time that is convenient to visit our shop. If you have an e-bike, please see the note below under SERVICE.
  • You drop off your bike at your appointment time, and, ideally, you are able to stay for 10-15 minutes while our service writer completes a full assessment of your bike, you discuss any specific issues or requests, and we prepare an itemized estimate for your approval in person.
  • If you are not available to stay while we complete the assessment, we will email you an itemized list for your approval by text message later that day.
  • Our estimates are no-obligation, but we charge a $30 fee to compensate us for the time and expertise required should you decline to have any work completed on your bike.
  • Once the estimate is approved, your bike is put in the queue for our mechanics to complete the approved work order.
  • Once the work is completed, we text message you to let you know that your bike is ready for pick-up.
  • You pick up your bike within 2 days of receiving that text message and pay for the work order at pick-up. After 2 days, we will send you a reminder text message noting the storage fee that will be assessed. (As a small shop, with limited storage space, we cannot store your bike without charge beyond a reasonable amount of time. We are open 7 days a week and offer ample opportunity to pick up your bike within this window.)
  • You ride off into the sunset and love riding your bike! :-)


Our Repair Shop serves all types of riders and all types of bikes, with expert mechanics who understand the need for your ride to be smooth and reliable. We’ll help you make smart repair choices and select replacement parts to make your bike last, telling you what needs to be done right away, what can wait a little while, and what might make your bike feel or look a whole lot better. Visit us seven days a week for anything you need.


Fix has adopted an à-la-carte approach to service pricing which has proven to be effective and cost efficient for our customers. Whether you come in for an annual maintenance visit or due to a specific mechanical issue, our team will do a full assessment to provide you with a recommended course of action. Getting you riding and properly maintaining your bike is our goal, so once the work is approved, we will complete it in a timely fashion. 

We recommend booking an appointment for service, though we do reserve a few daily spots for “pit-stop” service and repairs, such as flats, brake adjustments and other “emergency” repairs that you need to keep you riding.

*We reserve the right to charge our hourly rate of $120 to clean greasy, muddy, contaminated or otherwise dirty bikes. Cleaning of components is necessary before tuning can be performed.

**Note for e-bike customers: We are only able to service bikes with Shimano and Bosch e-bike motors and systems, as these are brands on which our technicians are trained, and for which we can source replacements parts and aftermarket support. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Bike Fitting

One value-added service we offer is Bike Fitting, with a personalized alignment consultation that’s beneficial to anyone who rides. Bike Fitting is the process of creating a relationship between a cyclist and their bike to optimize comfort, performance and efficiency, and to help prevent injuries.

Fit session pricing starts at $150 for bikes with non-clipless pedals; $250 for bikes with clipless pedals. Book your appointment by clicking the orange button below. Contact us by phone or e-mail (416-546-4349 or [email protected]) to learn more.