VeloColour Brooches

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You’re never fully dressed without a smile…and a bicycle brooch! Pin one of these on a lapel, a bag, a dress or anywhere you want to show off your love of mankind’s greatest invention. Each brooch is made of stainless steel, hand polished and finished with a sterling silver pin back.

The Velocipede

It looks like a bicycle from the future, but in fact it’s from the earliest days of human-powered wheeling. These “swiftwalkers” were not made for a casual Sunday stroll. Pedal less and mostly wooden velocipedes were prized by the upper ranks.

The Penny Farthing

It’s an early type of bicycle that was the apex of cool in its day, the later 19th century. Don’t let its sweet design fool you—these were “boneshakers” not for the faint of heart. Well-known dangers associated with riding these machines made them a fairly short-lived invention eventually replaced by the modern styled ‘safety’ bicycle.

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