Tire, Continental Ultra Sport III

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Continental's fan favourite entry-level folding tire is back, in its latest iteration: the Ultra Sport 3. Lightweight, low rolling-resistance, accessible cost... what more could you ask for in a competitive road tire?
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Why choose this tire

  • Completely renewed, sporting a dynamic tread pattern design.
  • Matches with a race bike, as well as a classic city road bike.
  • Available in a wide range of dimensions and colors.
  • Handmade for You.
Ultra Sport

Pure Grip for everyone

PureGrip Compound is derived from an activated Silica compound and is a good example of how we integrate customer feedback continuously into our research and development. This mixture technology fits in perfectly alongside the BlackChili Compound. The name PureGrip does exactly what it says; exceptionally good grip and durability are the distinguishing features of this compound. Engineered with PureGrip in our Performance products in our road and mountain bike ranges