Park Tool TB-2 Tire Boot (Package of 3)

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An essential product for any cyclist venturing off the beaten path!
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When a slashed tire stops you in your tracks, there is only so much a spare tube can do. The TB-2 emergency tire boot will help you get home when all hope is lost!

A torn tire body doesn't have to mean the end of a bike ride. The TB-2 Tire Boot is constructed from a strong, waterproof vinyl membrane with fiber weave reinforcement. A super-strong pressure-sensitive adhesive assures the boot stays in place in any bicycle tire that utilizes an inner tube, whether road or mountain, high or low pressure. Application is as easy as wiping the area clean, removing the backing, and squarely applying the tire boot to the affected area. A true ride saver.


  • Pack of three
  • Dimensions: 76.2 x 44.4 mm (3" x 1.75")
  • Not recommended for tubeless tire systems