Brooks C15 Saddle

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"Never ride the straight line. All rides. All roads. All weathers." The C15 is the narrower version of the Brooks C17. An excellent choice for riders looking for a svelte, minimalist design while retaining an aggressive riding position.
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The Brooks C15, available in classic black in either carved or uncarved versions, is our go-to for customers looking for more comfort than a traditional racing saddle. The saddle itself is naturally flexible and requires no breaking in. The C15 is manufactured in Italy and guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for 2 years from the date of purchase.

Going drop bar? The C15 pairs seamlessly with Brooks Cambium bar tape.

Going flat bar? Check out the matching Ergonomic and Cambium Grips, also from Brooks.


Length: 283mm

Width: 140mm

Height: 52mm

Weight: 450 grams (C15), 432 grams (C15 Carved)

Looking for a more upright riding position? Check out the the C17.