Red Dot Fix Coffee+Bikes Summer Cycling Cap

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A light and stylish linen/cotton cycling cap
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Cycling caps have come a long way from being a semi-disposable item to an increasingly trendy accessory. In the days before helmets a cap kept the dust out of one's hair, heat off ones head, and sun out of the eyes. While contemporary helmets incorporate most of these features, they don't really excel at any of them. 

The magic in our cycling cap is the super light linen/cotton fabric: Always feels cool to the touch, absorbs sweat without feeling clammy or getting smelly, and dries very quickly. The brim does a great job blocking the sun and keeping the rain off your glasses (even with a brimmed helmet), and can be easily flipped up mid-ride. These are a great way to increase your comfort on a long tour or the daily commute in all kinds of weather.

Bonus: fits better than a baseball cap under a toque in winter for those wanting extra warmth and a stylish brim!

55% linen/45% cotton, made in Ottawa. Both sizes fit most, small being tighter fit and large a looser fit.