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From Quietly Coffee:


Most things Quietly comes with a story. A coffee homage to my grandmothers, a riff on a farmhouse kettle, or references to Pavement songs are one part of it. Communicating the amazing places, people, and labour behind each cup are another. So when I decided I wanted a Quietly hat, I wanted it to tell a story about my countryside routine!

Everyday when I finish at the roaster, our dog Hazel gets a walk at the Owl Lake Baseball Field. It is close to home and pretty magical. Doug Bird built it as a passion project in the early Nineties and now his son, Dave Bird, maintains it. He is kind enough to let us run our dog around its vintage bases, grassy outfield, and flower-filled stands. Thus, we arrive at the Quietly hat: a fun - yet classic - look that is perfect for any field of dreams. 


This old school baseball hat features a high crown, six panels, and flat front and brim. It is 100% made from 10-oz cotton duck canvas and is complete with brown leather strap and antique brass buckle.


The only-as-strong as your weakest link mandate holds true for all things Quietly. So rather than turning to a fast-fashion manufacturer, I partnered with Unionwear in New Jersey. For the last 25 years, they have been creating 100% union-made (as part of Workers United, Local 155) hats in their Newark facility. Completely ethical and traceable in both material and labour, you can read more about them: here

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