Arkel Signature V - Waterproof Urban Pannier - 28 L

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This Signature V pannier is a waterproof bag made for an urban lifestyle, with lots of room for groceries, laundry, books, or laptop computer up to 17 inches.
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Arkel's Largest Commuter Bag: The Signature V

This Signature V pannier (V for vertical design) is a waterproof bag made for an urban lifestyle.

Pack it with groceries, laundry or books; its large size and strong aluminum hooks will safely hold your belongings, no matter the road conditions!

Also, you can ride in peace knowing that your laptop is well-secured in the padded compartment.


  • 100% waterproof.
  • Arkel's exclusive Cam-Lock® mounting system.
  • Padded compartment for laptops up to 17".
  • Comfortable shoulder strap.
  • Zippered and mesh pockets inside for organization.
  • Shopping bag handles are accessible when the bag is fully open.
  • Handmade in Canada and signed by its maker.

100% Waterproof and more!

While high quality waterproof fabric such as the XPac X11 is used to make this bag, it's designed with an internal waterproof liner as well. The XPac fabric is waterproof on its own but water can sometimes go through the seams that are difficult to seal completely.

Arkel could have stopped there, but they chose to go a step further and line the inside of the pannier with a waterproof liner, on which all the seams have been taped to ensure the pannier is 100% waterproof.

The outside fabric (XPac or Cordura) will protect the liner from daily abuse. If you were to scratch or even tear a hole in the outside fabric, chances are the waterproof liner will remain intact.

Ride In Confidence

The Signature V is equipped with Arkel's patented Cam-Lock mounting system with solid aluminum hooks that won't bend or break.

The Cam-Lock is so solid that they were able to remove the lower hook, making it easier to use in an urban environment.

Safely Carry Your Laptop

Not only is this pannier waterproof and has a solid mounting system, it also provides a padded compartment to carry a laptop up to 17 inches.

This is Arkel's largest pannier

The Signature V stands out for its large 28 L volume.

Whether you ride to work, to the park or if you stop for groceries on your way home, of items!

If you like the features of this bag but would prefer a smaller size pannier have a look at the 24 L - Signature H.

New Eco-Friendly Fabric

If you wish to reduce your environmental footprint, the bags we carry are made with the sustainable X-Pac X11 material.

Its sustainably grown cotton face provides a soft, cotton feel and appearance. It is also available in a variety of rich colors!

Learn more about sustainable X-Pac

Carry It Everywhere

For daily commuting use, it is essential to be able to carry your pannier off the bike easily and comfortably. That's why we designed this pannier with 3 carrying options.

These allow you to easily transport and access the pannier.