Incredibell Brass Duet

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"The beautifully resonant ring of solid brass." The Brass Duet is a classic two-tone 'ding dong' style bell that fits on flat handlebars.
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The Incredibell Brass Duet by Mirrycle is our go-to for customers who want a well functioning bell without breaking the bank. 

Please note that this bell will only work with flat handlebars as it is too small to fit around drop bars. Mirrycle states that the bell works for handlebar diameters between 21.7mm – 24mm, meaning it will fit on the two most common sizes: 22.2mm and 23.8mm. The bell can also work cleverly on a 22.2mm quill stem. 

If you have a drop bar bike and are looking for a good quality bell, we recommend the Knog Oi, Crane E-NE, or Spurcycle Original.