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Performance, Fitness, Commuter.
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The Energy is a high performance commuter, fitness or touring bike. Lightweight with an everything you need and nothing you don’t approach, with Ultra Modern 1X gearing. Who needs a front derailleur when you have a full range 11 - 42T Cassette ?

With a Shimano SLX 1x11 drivetrain and a 44 tooth ring, the Energy has all the gear range range you need for quick energy rides or long sustained climbs. The Energy keeps the proven Shimano hydraulic brakes and is 11-42T Rear cassette.

The Energy is a little raciest option of our Flat-Bar line up. With a lighter alloy fork, lighter faster tires but with the simplicity of a 1X drivetrain that saves weight, adds reliability and reduces maintenance.

Who is the Energy for? 

Performance, Fitness, Commuter

The Energy is a lighter faster, year round daily commuter, it’d for the car-free family utility-rider, mixed terrain weekend adventure rider, and even works great for weekend touring.

For the person - who wants a bike that's a little more special. For those who simply wants the best bike they can get for commuting, to school, work, or daily errands. For those looking for the simplicity of an “its an all you need” 1X wide range drivetrain.

The Energy is also perfect for the year round fitness orientated riders who want their do-everything versatile bicycle with just a little more performance.

Key Features and Specs :

  • Brakes : Shimano MT400 Hydraulic
  • Tires : Schwalbe Spicer 700 X 35c
  • Wheel Set : Alex A-Class Boondocks-5
  • Shifting : Shimano SLX Shifter, and Rear SLX GS 11 Speed Clutch Rear Derailleur.
  • Drivetrain : FSA Gossamer PRO 44T Narrow Wide with Shimano SLX 11 Speed 11-42T Cassette
  • Weight 10.5 kg/23.1 lbs

Lighter and more powerful.

A significant upgrade this year to a set of Alex A-Class Boondocks-5 Wheel Set for added weight savings, stiffness, control and reliability.

High Volume 35C tires gives you confidence, comfort and speed. Great for long distance riding. More comfort, more traction but still fast rolling. 

Powerful Shimano Hydraulic disc brakes provide even more control, power and safety in any weather condition. 

Lightweight Alloy Frame and Fork. 

The frame is shaped and butted 6061 Alloy, it is more resistant to cracking than a 7000 series alloy frame for long term durability. The frame is Fender and Rack Mount ready and of course has mounts for dual water bottles. Upgrade from the Dynamo includes an Alloy fork for a bit of weight savings

Simple all you need 1X drivetrain.

With the advancement of technology over the past few years, wide range 1X gearing has virtually eliminated the Front Derailleur in Mountain bikes. So now we have brought that technology over to our top of the line Flat- Bar Energy. By getting rid of front shifting you add ease of use, reduce weight, and reduce maintenance and adjustment to simplify your riding. The Energy comes with a 44 Tooth front ring and an 11-42 Tooth rear cassette that gives you a range of gearing that rivals any 2X drivetrain. More than enough to maintain high road speeds yes low enough to tackle long sustained climbs.

Well thought out attention to the details.

Ergonomically shaped gel hand grips for long ride comfort.

The grips are clamped on for ease of adjustment and replaceability. 

The Energy comes with sealed bearing pedals. They work well with regular shoes, are low profile, will last and will take old school toe clips and straps. They can be swapped out and sold if you upgrade the bike to clipless pedals. 

Energy Fit Chart.

Sizing: S-49/M-53/L-56/XL-59

Please note, as we are all a little different, the fit chart is a best guess estimate. Brodie highly recommends having a professional fit done at your local bike shop.

2021 Brodie Fit Chart ENERGY, OCHO, REMUS, BOLT.png