Brompton C-Line

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The Brompton Fold

Invented by our founder, Andrew Ritchie, in 1975, expertly engineered to transform the bike into a small, locked package a little larger than its wheels - all in under 20-seconds. Nothing folds like a Brompton folds.

Folds down small

There's always space for you and your Brompton. Indoors and out.
585mm long and 565mm high and 270mm deep.

Folds down anywhere

Take it on rush-hour trains - no need to book. Small car boots, taxis, boats, ferries, trams, buses. Meetings, cafes, libraries, supermarkets. The functional design adapts to your day.

Made in London

Every Brompton bike is handmade and quality assured in our London factory. Watch our steel brazers, wheel builders and engineers at work with our interactive 360° factory tour.

Original design refined for modern cities

The original design with the 3-part fold, hand-made in our London factory since 1975. Compact, robust - a serious folding bike that’s fun to ride. Although C Line is built to stand up to the rigours of everyday city life, owners have taken them on round-the-world trips, country tours, and even to the South Pole. But mostly they are used in cities 364 days a year (we recommend a day off for an annual service).

Over 40-years refinement

Although continuously enhanced, the basic concept of the classic all-steel bike has remained the same – a solid city rider that folds down small. Every change, since the start, has offered genuine benefits to our owners. It's never been about trends. Today, with its refined geometry and improved parts, not only does the bike ride and fold better than ever but the quality is better too. Specialists, such as our steel brazers and wheel builders, focus their expertise on one area - crafting the best bike possible.