Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

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The Baratza Encore is the top barista-recommended grinder to elevate your filter brew journey. From simple "set it and forget it" brews to precision-dialed pour overs, the Encore™ is your first step to a perfect sip.
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The #1 Go-To Grinder for Baristas

The Encore™ regularly tops the charts for "best coffee grinder" for its balance of quality, value, and ease of use. Just ask your local barista what grinder they'd recommend. Bet it's a Baratza!

Simple Adjustments, Precision Results

With 40 individual grind settings, the Encore™ can take you from cold brew coarse to espresso fine with just a twist of the hopper.

Built to grind for long run

With proper care and use, the Encore™'s components are designed to last around 10 years of home use. And if they don't? We've got the parts and knowhow to fix any issue.


The Encore™'s precision-machined 40mm burrs and powerful DC motor will grind your dose of coffee just how you like it - and then again and again.