Knog Pop R Rear Light

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A super bright, AA battery-powered rear bike light with surface mounted LED tech. Outputting 5 lumens of light and 180° visibility, the POP R keeps you well illuminated not just from the rear, but from the sides too. With long runtimes (up to 200 hours in eco-flash), replaceable straps and a variety of different designs, there is a POP R light for all rider styles, mild or wild.

LEDs : 1x Super-bright SMT LED designed to provide maximum brightness for duration of run time.

BUTTON : Longer button push on (0.75sec) prevents accidental turn on. Short presses switch modes continuously.

SIDE ILLUMINATION : Giving riders 180° visibility

BATTERY : AA Battery included

BIKE ATTACHMENT : Tool-less attachment for seatposts 22-32mm diameter. Can change orientation of light by rotating 90°

LOW BATTERY INDICATOR : A red LED will shine from the front of the light when the batteries are low. This LED will remain on for 5 seconds after the light is switched off to indicate that batteries need changing.

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