Work In Progress: 1960-1 Viking Grand Tour Gallery

This is a bike me and my father built when I was much younger. We went on a road trip to find the frame, which had been re-painted several times over but was amazingly still owned by the original buyer. The paint colour was picked by me, and we found reproduction graphics on ebay for a very reasonable price. The saddle and fenders are original spec, from the factory. I'd originally built it up out of a combination of 1st generation Super Record, but decided to use that group on a more appropriate project. The Simplex SLJ needed a fair bit of repair, and I'm still on the hunt for a matching front derailleur and shifters. Ideally, when it's finished i'd like for all the components to have been manufactured in continental Europe during the boom since I love the general styling and intricacy of that era.

Ross Terry